71 books in 005 - Computer Programming, Programs, Data

Introduction to Algorithms
Cormen, Thomas H.

Practice of Programming, The
Kernighan, Brian W.

jQuery in Action
Bibeault, Bear

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
Ousterhout, John K.

Learning Perl
Schwartz, Randal L.

C++ Programming Language, The
Stroustrup, Bjarne

Expert C Programming
van der Linden, Peter

Programming Perl
Wall, Larry (Editor)

Advanced Perl Programming
Srinivasan, Sriram

Python in a Nutshell
Martelli, Alex

JavaScript Definitive Guide
Flanagan, David

Using csh and tcsh
DuBois, Paul

Mastering Regular Expressions
Friedl, Jeffrey E. (Editor)

X Window System User's Guide
Guercia, Valerie

Modern Operating Systems
Tanenbaum, Andrew S.

User Mode Linux
Dike, Jeff

Mastering VMS
Bynon, David W.

Red Hat Linux 9 Bible
Negus, Christopher

Managing UUCP and Usenet
O'Reilly, Tim

Web Proxy Servers
Luotonen, Ari

IRC Hacks
Mutton, Paul

Professional XML
Birbeck, Mark

HTML: The Definitive Guide
Musciano, Chuck

Sed & Awk
Dougherty, Dale

Database System Concepts
Korth, Henry F.

DuBois, Paul

MySQL in a Nutshell
Dyer, Russell

Koch, George
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